What are some of Jaipur’s secrets place which one must visit

What are some of Jaipur’s secrets place which one must visit

Visiting Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan can feel like a whirlwind of emotions. It is a city that blends the old cultural heritage with that of the modern city life style. The pink city of Jaipur boasts both the sprawling malls along with the bull drawn carriages beautifully at the same time within the realms of the city.

Entering the Pink city of Jaipur can take you on a time machine journey towards the older times where you can explore the tell-all signs of the grandeur of Indian Monarchies of Rajasthan.

We at Rajputana Cabs entertain more 500 travelers in explore Jaipur and thus we know that what are some great secrets which Jaipur has for you. Here are some of the must visit tourist places that speaks a thousand words about the beauty of the city:

Jaipur secrets

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal which is located right at the main center of the old city of Jaipur features a beautiful blend of creative passion along with an amazing architecture. The term Hawa Mahal literally means the Wind Palace which was meant to be the summer getaway for the royals of Rajasthan.

Amber Fort

The Amber Fort is also popularly known as Amer fort. It is one of the forts that was originally built for protecting the vulnerable Pink City. There are several armory rooms, living quarters, Sheesh Mahal and the lovely gardens.

A good thing about Hawa Mahal and Amber fort is that they from 2015 are offering sound and light shows. Thus it created a new Jaipur Night Tourism tour where travelers have the chance to explore Jaipur by night.

City Palace

The City Palace had been the royal home for the monarchs for several years. It is located right at the heart of the city. The building is not only an expansive one, but its ornate designs make it a wonderful landmark of Jaipur too. You simply cannot miss visiting the City Palace when you travel to Jaipur.

Plus I would also suggest that one can rent a car in Jaipur from Rajputana Cabs and explore all these amazing tourist sites. Plus they have a special Jaipur Delhi Taxi service package which offers one way ride in a taxi from Delhi to Jaipur. So the travelers from Delhi need not to worry about catching train or bus for back home.

Plus for more information on some of the best tourist attraction in Pink city, we will suggest you to read lists from Tripadvisor and Lonely planet.

Jal Mahal

The Jal Mahal literally means the Water Palace. It is one of the most amazing places in Jaipur. The palace is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake which depicts a tranquil beauty right at the middle of the city. You can visit the Jal Mahal on a boat or you can simply sit on the banks of the lake and watch it from afar.

Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar is one of the best architectural masterpieces of Rajasthan. It is also an archaeological wonder from the 1700’s. Jantar Mantar is a series of Sundials which when looked from different angles of the place can tell the most appropriate timings of the day along with the date.

Prince Albert Hall Museum

The Museum was originally built by Queen Victoria to celebrate the visit of Prince Albert to Jaipur. It is home to several Indian artifacts that date back to several centuries. The building is elaborate and holds a lot of historical facts and figures about the city of Jaipur and the state of Rajasthan.

There are several other interesting sites that are worth visiting in Jaipur. And if you want to shop for memento or other paraphernalia from the city, do make it a point to visit famous marketplaces of Jaipur.

5 unique and exotic honeymoon destinations in India

5 unique and exotic honeymoon destinations in India

The honeymoon is the best way to move away from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy some tranquil and intimate time with your beloved before you begin your journey of togetherness under the bond of marriage. It is thus imperative to say that when you are planning for a honeymoon trip, you must choose such a destination that is unique and exotic at the same time.

Here is a list of places that you can choose as your honeymoon destinations:

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

The Taj Lake Palace is an ideal honeymoon destination that is unique and exotic in terms of location and hospitality. The fort turned into a hotel, Taj Lake Palace is located in the middle of Lake Pichola. It is not only great honeymoon destination but it is also a great wedding destination too. The palace is covered with Aravalli range of mountains in its three sides as the magnificent backdrop and thus makes for an enchanting honeymoon destination.

Desert camps at Jaisalmer

Desert camps at Jaisalmer

If you choose Jaisalmer as your honeymoon destination, one of the grand ways of celebrating your marriage hood is to stay at desert camps of Jaisalmer. There are several luxurious desert camps located next to the Sam sand dunes and they all offer exotic luxuries and amenities for the newlyweds. Peep into the local life of the Rajasthani people by staying put at one of the desert tents in Jaisalmer by Rajputana Desert Camp.

Beautiful Manali, Himachal Pradesh

No honeymoon can be truly complete unless you plan a trip to the beautifully picturesque Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is also one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Each year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world and the country visit Manali to enjoy their honeymoon period. There are Buddhist monasteries and the Hidimba temple that are worth visiting in Manali. There is also the Museum of the traditional Himachal Culture that is a must visit in Manali. Spend an evening on a boat ride in the amusement park of Manali.

Agra with Taj Mahal Hotel

Make your holiday truly the Taj holidays in Agra simply by staying put at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Agra is the city of love memorial, Taj Mahal which is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a tribute of love by a grieving emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Agra was once the capital of India during the Mughal rules and there are several magnificent monuments that are worth visiting in the city. You can stay at the Taj Mahal Hotel and  visit the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb etc apart from the must visit Taj Mahal.

Vythiri Resort

Wayanad is yet another exotic honeymoon destination of India. It is located in the north western parts of Kerala and is wrapped in the lush greenery of the tropical rain forest that is waiting for you to explore. If you like being in the lap of nature, feeling pristine and complete, you should choose Wayanad as your honeymoon destination. You can stay at the Vythiri Resort in Wayanad which is an exclusive and elegant resort with breathtaking visual ambiance.

A list of five decent three star hotels in Jaipur

A list of five decent three star hotels in Jaipur

If you are planning a leisure trip to Jaipur, you would need to figure out a decent accommodation in the city. Consider this post as a guide to some of the decent three star accommodations in the city of Jaipur.

La Premier Spa Hotel

la premier hotel

la premier hotel

The La Premier Hotel is a 3 star hotel and a unit of the renowned Pitrashish Group of hotels. It is located on the Delhi Jaipur Bypass and boasts of a grand accommodation space for the domestic and the international travelers.

There are 50 luxurious rooms in the hotel and each of them come loaded with several interesting facilities and amenities that will surely blow your mind away.  You can enjoy a luxurious stay at the La Premier Spa Resort as it has a huge swimming pool, spa and the restaurants within the realms of the hotel premises.

Plus La Premier is also a popular wedding resort in Jaipur and this its perfect to book this hotel if you plan your wedding in Rajasthani style, the La Premier has a 400 pax banquet hall and 2000 pax wedding garden.

Shahpura House

Shahpura House

Shahpura House

The Shahpura House is one of the three star heritage hotels in Jaipur. If you have always wanted to spend a night at the luxury of the heritage hotels but have always been bothered about the high tariff, then this is your chance to make your dreams come true and that too within a budget. The Shahpura House is one of the most renowned heritage hotels in India. The hotel is decorated in conventional and traditional style with immaculate rooms and world class decorations. There is also a charming swimming pool and a roof top terrace that hosts cultural shows in the evenings.

Royal Heritage Haveli

The royal heritage haveli is a palace built in the 18th century by Madho Singh Ji of Jaipur. At present it has been converted into a boutique hotel. The hotel can well be defined as an oasis on the realms of the city of Jaipur. The staff of the hotel is extremely polite and courteous and the hospitality of the hotel is simply amazing. You will fall in love with the hotel once you stay here and enjoy the service provided by the hotel staff.

Jas Vilas

The Hotel Jas Vilas can only be defined as an elegant residence. It is located on the Sawai Jai Singh Highway and is run by the family of Mahendra & Rajyashree Singh. You will feel the warmth and the care of the hotel staff when you stay put at this hotel in such a manner that you will never want to leave. Such is the amenities and the services of the hotel that many frequent travelers mention that they would rather stay at Jas Vilas than at any other five star establishments.

Nirwana Hometel

The Nirwana Homotel is the brand of Sarovar group of hotels and fits the budget of an economy hotel in Jaipur. The hotel boasts of some of the most essential hospitality services along with excellent amenities that are simply perfect for you when you have the budget in your mind while traveling. The location of the hotel is at the city center near the Khasa Kothi Circle. You can have a comfortable stay at any of the 82 rooms of this hotel while also enjoying the authentic Rajasthani cuisine at the multi cuisine restaurant. The wifi is free across the hotel.

What is the best way to minimize budget and effort in an Indian wedding

What is the best way to minimize budget and effort in an Indian wedding
What is the best way to minimize budget and effort in an Indian wedding

This post is brought yo you my Mr Bharat Singh who is an expert in event management and runs a popular banquet hall in Jaipur city. As per him wedding are made in heaven and we are just a medium to make sure that your special day remains special.

A popular question on social media and many wedding sites is What is the best way to minimize budget and effort in an Indian wedding? So today Bharat shares five amazing tips which won’t affect your pocket and will assist you in minimizing your wedding budget and effort in organizing an amazing Indian wedding.

Invite close friends from local city


Close Pals

Inviting friends living in the city is probably one of the best ideas ever for a cost efficient wedding relative to the travel expenses for each people attending the said event. Of course the bride and the groom will have to talk about how many people they want to be part of their wedding, but for budget conscious partners, the best option is to send invitations to friends living in close proximity thus decreasing the number to a little less than a hundred. Invite friends who you have in close contact with over the years, some you regard as your besties. Solemn vows during weddings are best experienced with a small amount of close people and friends using a small intimate venue.

Google for banquet halls instead of wedding gardens

Google for local banquet Halls

An alternative place to hold wedding occasions are banquet halls. Yes, a wedding garden is a beautiful sight to see especially during weddings, but there are some who just cannot include in the budget the high cost of renting wedding gardens for three days. Banquet halls also has its benefits such as it being covered so there is less hassle to sun, rain, and dirt exposure as well as the fact that almost all available halls are equipped with state of the art air-conditioning ready to accept large numbers of invited guests.

Hire local photographers

local photographers

There are without a doubt a number of good photographers outside India, but to be able to minimize cost, it is best to scout a handful of photographers working in the local arena for your wedding. After searching for these photographers, check and see if their offers can fit to your budget, and work from there. Contact the photographer you choose and do some compromise to make things work between two parties. There are a lot of photographers in India, and it will only need patience to get to see the best one for the job. Who knows, you might find a better photographer whose area of work is only within reach.

Use E-Cards instead of Wedding cards

e wedding card

What’s trending nowadays is definitely the in thing for centuries to come, and technology is one of them. The rise of technology has made it easier for old friends to get together as well as see each other no matter where they are in the world. One of the many good perks of internet which is related to what we are talking about here is the usage of E-Cards or electronic cards for wedding invitations. It will only take a few tweaks with the help of some applications such as photoshop to make one. What’s good is that, there are no other cost it can yield, just the utilization of a good computer and reliable internet connection, and your E-Cards are good to go.

Be realistic with jewelry

As they say, the most expensive thing in Indian wedding is the jewelry. Many of the girls are delighted to see a set of jewelry all shining bright when chanced upon by the naked eye. But to this generation, practicality is a way of life as compared to the grandeur of the old days. Just think of how the money you spend on a set of jewelry help you in times of hardships being man and wife. A little thrift on money can go a long way, and yes, it can also feed kids in all honesty.

5 Decent Hotels for Couples In New Delhi

5 Decent Hotels for Couples In New Delhi

It is very difficult to find a decent hotel in India especially in Delhi. But today we are going to make it easier for you by telling you the five hotels for couples in New Delhi that are pretty decent, clean and are reasonably priced. So what are we waiting for? Let us get started!

Hotel Broadway, Daryaganj

1. hotel-broadway

The first hotel in our list is the Hotel Broadway which is the smartest economy hotel in New Delhi. They believe in total comfort for their guests and that sets them apart from the other three star hotels. The hotel is in Daryaganj and is close to airport and railway station. It is the best place for couples who are looking for decent hotel in New Delhi.

Hotel GTC, Greater Kailash

2. GTC Hotel

The second hotel in our list is the Hotel GTC which provides a wonderful stay and superb service. The hotel is in Greater Kailash which is the safest location and romantic places in delhi for couples as there are lots of couple places in delhi where you can go and enjoy like the main market of Great Kailash (The M Block market is pretty close) or the shopping malls. The hotel promises to provide their customers with the best stay experience of their life.

Hotel Janpath

The third hotel in our list is the Hotel Janpath which is an ultimate destination for all travelers. It has spacious and well equipped rooms, corridors and facilities. It is just a kilometer away from Connaught Place which is the best place for couples to spend their entire time as it has everything you ask for. The hotel is next to Janpath market which is a popular place for shopping and spending time with your partner.

Hotel Radisson Blu, Dwarka

The fourth hotel in our list is the Hotel Radisson Blu which is located in Dwarka. The hotel is not too far away from the domestic and international airports. It provide a stress free stay too all the couples who visit their hotel. The hotel has two lounges and a night club and also offers on-site dining experience including the traditional Indian fine dining. Hotel Radisson Blu is a decent hotel to stay and is a must-visit.

Hyatt Regency Delhi

3. Hyatt Regency Delhi

The fifth and the last hotel in our list is one of the finest five star luxury hotels, the Hyatt Regency. It is located at the Ring Road and is twenty minutes’ drive from the airport. The hotel has 52 suites and 507 rooms that are well equipped with modern features. It even has gym, spa and pool and is best place for couples to stay. You will want to visit the hotel again and again.

This delightful range of accommodations will make your stay a pleasurable one and they might covert you from a first time visitor to a regular visitor with their hospitality and facilities. So what are you waiting for? Book a room in one of these decent hotels and enjoy it with your partner.

Top 5 best places to buy property in jaipur Rajasthan

Top 5 best places to buy property in jaipur Rajasthan
Top 5 best places to buy property in jaipur Rajasthan

Jaipur is recognized as the pink city of India. Most of the travelers definitely need to visit this particular place as it depicts the country’s rich culture and heritage. We can easily experience the fine blend of tradition and modernity of the place. Jaipur somewhere takes around 6 hours from the capital. There are many places to inside capital for site experiencing. Jaipur and Agra are an easy task to visit as they are not a whole lot of further for the travelers from the capital. Agra is nearly 205 kilometres from the capital. The most attraction inside capital is the Taj Mahal and that is obviously the best tourist place.

People from all over India and also the other parts of the world want to visit your Taj Mahal. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It is 260 km from Delhi and 240 km from Agra. These are generally not just tours, but in addition a peek into your rich culture and historical past of India that range from Mughals for the Rajputs.

There are thousands of tourists that visit India for the holidays and the number of tourists in the recent times has increased and the explanation is that India is one place that is known due to the historical places and monuments. With this entire tourist attraction and places, there are also attractive properties that can be your dream house for ever. There are many properties in Jaipur that are quite popular among the people all over the world and there are many people who arJaipur Real Estatee buying these properties in the city from all over the world. So let’s find out the Top 5 destinations to buy property in Jaipur.

The below list of hot property destinations in Jaipur is brought to you by me and by Lohagarh Real Estate. They are some of the finest reat estate agents who not only offer good land deals but also make customer aware about how one should smartly invest in property. So do have a look at their site and also check out there deals offered on property in Jaipur by Lohagarh Real Estate.

A. Ajmer Road

Ajmer road is one of the finest places in the Pink city and there are many excellent properties that are available for sale. Known for its tourist attraction this place is also home to many people who seeks a better life in this gorgeous place that will give you the royal feel

B. Vaishali Nagar

Vaishali Nagar is located in the south west part of the city and is also home where there are many projects going on and there are many people who are buying properties here. This place is one of the finest to get excellent properties.

C. Mansarovar

Mansarovar is another locality where there are quality properties for sale and there are so many people from other parts of the country that have been buying properties in this region.

Also have a look at this news on Real Estate- Tapping Investment Options In Jaipur.

D. Jagatpura

huge apartments, comfortable houses and excellent properties are what that describes this place. So if you are looking for some properties you can also opt for this one that is so popular among the people all over the state.

E. Durgapura

Then there is this place, Durgapur, which is situated in the vicinity of the pink city and this place is home to some of the best properties in the state.

Pet Friendly Hotels in The World

Pet Friendly Hotels in The World
Pet Friendly Hotels in The World

Man is a social animal and cannot exist in isolation. Humans seek companionship and who can be better companions than pets. Pets are instant stress relievers and just their presence lightens the mood. Pets are faithful and love their owners immensely, in returns their owners too shower them with affection and love. For a pet lover, their pet is nothing less than their own child and hence they ensure that their pet receives the best treatment and luxuries possible. This stands true even when they travel; pet owners like to provide comfort to their pet while they travel with them.

Pet lovers are fierce and passionate when it come to the treatment of their pets and hence search for hotels which are pet friendly. But often they are left disappointed and angry by the way their pets are treated. A lot of factors are involved in making a hotel pet friendly. First and foremost the staff of the hotel, right from the concierge to the helpers should be animal lovers and should be able to handle a pet with love and care. Secondly the hotel must ensure the facilities required for a pet, like a garden, pet utensils, a veterinary doctor etc. and lastly every hotel must be able to make the pet owner assured about the safety of their pet. While such qualities are hard to find in a hotel, following is a list top 5 pet friendly hotels in the world.

1. Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels & Resorts is an upscale hotel chain owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. It provides all the luxury to the pets which are provided to their human guests as well. Plush robes, massages, customized meals; fluffy beds are only some of luxuries provided to the four legged customers at the Westin Hotels. The concierge even helps the pet owners to find the best pet friendly activities in the area, this enables the pet owners to enjoy their vacations and be assured that their pet is having a good time too.

2. Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels

The Starwood Hotel, like the Loews Hotel and Resorts, also has created a pet friendly programme to showcase and promote their pet friendly environment. The programme is called Love that Dog and ensures top notch luxurious treatments of their four legged customers. The chain of hotels provides everything from dog collars to dog bowls and special foods A special feature of the hotel is their 10 layer duvet bed for their furry customers

Plus if you are looking for some nice pet friendly hotels around new Delhi than contact Mr Sharma soon. Just get the number from my contact us page.

3. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is a chain of hotels, spread across the world from India to Australia. All the hotels in this spectacular chain of hotels are very pet friendly and accept pets less than 15 pounds. The hotels provide special facilities to the pets which include customized beds and supervised walk in parks. Most of the hotels in this chain have an on call veterinary doctor, healthy biscuits and dog bowls. Some of the hotels even have in built dog spas. Such facilities satisfy the pet owners and thus the chain of hotels comes under the most pet friendly hotels.

4. Loews Hotels and Resorts

Loews Hotels and Resorts

This hotel is so pet friendly that they have created a “Loews Loves Pets” programme where in the pet is treated as a VIP (Very Important Pet) and is provided with all the luxuries such as customized beds, massages, specially designed meals and much more. The hotel also hosts pet friendly activities and the concierge also assists the pet owners with a list of nearby pet friendly attractions and restaurants.

For more information on pet friendly hotels do have a look at www.booking.com

5. W Hotels

W Hotels

The W Hotels is a pet friendly chain and showcases their love for animals right from the time their customers check in. At check in, the dogs receive a special treat, a pet bag and a toy. The hotels have on call veterinary doctors, pet groomers and pet birthday cakes. The W Hotels will pamper your furry friend just as much as you do.

So next time you take your pet travelling along with you. Make sure to stay at these hotels to provide your furry companion with best quality facilities and utmost luxury.

Health is wealth and there are some amazing parks in delhi where you should go

Health is wealth and there are some amazing parks in delhi where you should go

Ok, I am telling a truth. Health is wealth isn’t a shitty theory. Its true and you should skip yur gyms and either travel every weekend to Jaipur and stay in a health resort or check out my post on top destinations in Delhi where you can go for a morning walk.

A park in Delhi

1. Raj Ghat

Resting places of important people and also a 4km single track green area, Rajghat is at no 1 where you can go every morning.

2. Lodhi Garden

A park which is again a resting place for Mughal empire and was maintained by Mughals, than Britishers and now by Modi (our PM :(  ). This is an amazing place to go every morning.

3. Dear Park

If you don’t mind young coples sitting everywhere or you are like me that you love to see a early morning *** than Dear Park is awesome. Live here wicked head.

Thats it. Instead of reading this post do some jogging. Over and out.